My precious grandchildren, Teddy, Renee, and Clara. (Photo by Mama Joann.)

Barb Boswell grew up in the small town of Woodland, Washington, where she still lives. As a teenager, she was attracted to church youth group because they got to take skiing trips. That was for her. But on one of those ski trips, while on top of a snow-covered mountain, she received more than she bargained for. She found Jesus. And so her journey began. When she left for college, she left God at home, finding the party scene much more attractive. For ten years she wandered in the wilderness, far from God. After five years of marriage, she became pregnant and it was at this point in her life that the running from God stopped and the running toward Him began.

For 14 years she lead the Jr. High Youth group at her church. While working as a church office manager that she began to write about her "God encounters." It was during this time, God started working on her to write a book. She tearfully resigned as the youth leader and went kicking and screaming to the computer to begin the sometimes painful lesson of obedience.

Her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2000 could have shocked her foundation, but she approached that obstacle like she does everything, by trusting God would take care of her, and by finding something to laugh about. Even cancer she didn't take seriously, because she knew God was in control. And now her Jesus has asked her to reach out and encourage those going through similar health problems.  

 Barb and her husband Ron, have been married 41 years and have one married son, Matt.  Matt and his wife Joann have delighted our lives by making us grandparents.  Our beautiful granddaughter Clara Clementine arrived a "wee bit" early in 2012, followed two years later by the "equally adorable" Renee Vienna, and two years after that,  our handsome grandson Teddy  joined the family. And I thought being a mom was a blessing. There is NOTHING like holding your grandchildren!

Her hearts desire is to be used by God to draw women into a closer relationship with Him.  All glory goes to Him and Him alone!

Christmas morning, reading her Daddy's favorite book.        

 "I am a bunny, I am a Bunny, my name is Nicholas. I live in a hollow tree.



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