The journey with God continues as we



                                                             and listen

                                                                      to His still, small voice.



Every Time I Turn Around,I Bump into God!

Finding God in the Daily-ness of Life!

  Have you ever wondered how to find God  in the middle of every day life situations?

You'll discover how within these pages. If you or someone you know has been going through life putting God on the back burner, asserting an "I can do it myself" attitude, you're about to experience a new mindset.

Discover how God can take ordinary life situations and devastating health concerns and use them for His extraordinary purposes. This brilliant combination of humor, Scripture, and thought-provoking true stories will open your eyes and help you see God everytime you turn around!



Every Time I Turn Around, I Catch a Glimpse of God!

The God-seeking adventure continues, as we open our  eyes and catch glimpses of God in the dailyness of life.

          Can't see Him?      

                       Open your eyes,

                             Open your heart. 

    He's everywhere!       





Barb offers her own glimpses of God and what she has learned from each that has drawn her closer to her Jesus. While you may not have had the same experiences, the similarities are such you will relate to each and every one ... some more than others. Her style isn't preachy or condescending--quite the opposite. Her gracious and humble spirit points out her own weaknesses, in an effort to help us see our own. A Reality Check at the end of each chapter helps you look at your own behavior and compare it to how God would have you act, gently reminding you of where your focus should be.

God has given Barb Boswell an amazing gift for writing with insight and humor, a talent she has used to glorify Him--every time she turns around.

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