What can I say about Barb Boswell? She is such a fun and gifted speaker. She is the real deal and shares her heart and struggles with such honesty and passion. She has a great sense of humor and yet has a deep sense of God's leading and can really challenge us to go to a deeper level with the Lord.


She doesn't wear shoes when she speaks and it is so fitting. She is standing on Holy Ground as she speaks the Word. But also, she is just funny like that. For her it totally works.  

I have heard her speak twice and both times I have come away with a nugget of truth to apply to my life. And I have heard from several of my women at Westside that they experienced the same thing.


 In the office today a lady came in to talk over a new ministry idea and I heard her say, "Remember what Barb said on Saturday about using my gifts but not hoarding them?"  I just loved it.  I would have her again anytime.  She is wonderful and I highly recommend her to speak and challenge your ladies.


Melissa Kolstad, Director of Women’s Ministries, Westside Community Church, Beaverton, OR 


I have received more comments on how great ‘the speaker’ was!  Really, you were perfect; just the right combo of humor and the practical application of God's word! I believe your message was also very gentle but thought provoking for those who are unsaved. Of course they are the main reason for the tea!

People really loved you.  Your humor, down to earthedness (new word) and message!

                                                                                                          Linda Bond, Union Baptist, Union, OR



Barb has a heart after the Lord and she longs to share that with others.  She’s open and honest and has a great sense of humor.  She has a wonderful grasp of the Word, a great desire to live it and to challenge others to live it.  She’s gone through hard times and in sharing that with others, is a great blessing and encouragement.  She’s a “YES!” or as the Baptists would say “AMEN!”

                                                                                Carole Rodgers, McKenzie Road Baptist Church, Olympia, WA (retreat committee)

Comments from retreat women:

She’s real and honest and brought the message home clearly! 

She’s down to earth.

She was drenched with the Holy Spirit.

She is outspoken in daily life and how to live a life in the world in God’s faith and to be a Light to others.

She was open about herself and didn’t try to come across as a super holy Christian.

Her candid account of herself.

Her genuiness.

She can be funny and yet easily bring you to tears. 


Speaking Endorsements:

-----The purpose of this letter is to provide some insight about Barb Boswell's speaking style, experience and how she shares her story from someone who has attended a 3-day retreat that she led. Right away, I felt comfortable around Barb. She is a warm and open individual and is able to convey that to a large group. The other point that I picked up on immediately is that Barb loves God and has a deep and growing relationship with him. This continues to be made clear as she shares her testimony. She is very honest about where she is in her walk with God and how he has changed her life. She is able to use humor to make her point and at the same time get me to look honestly at my own relationship with our Lord. She touched the hearts of so many women that attended the Fremont Presbyterian Women's Retreat in April of 2008. She has a way of encouraging one to look how they are letting God work in their life without feeling judged. I came away feeling closer to the women I worship with every Sunday and feeling closer to Jesus Christ. Every once in awhile I need to step away from my daily routine and look at where I am going and whether that is where God wants me to go. Barb helped to facilitate that at the retreat. I came away feeling inspired.  

Tana Kinder, Fremont Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, CA

-----Barb Boswell was part of a team of speakers for George Fox University's women's seminar, Selah . Barb is a wonderful communicator and contributed a great deal to the event. Comments from the attendees were overwhelmingly positive regarding her portion of the program. Barb shares in authentic, "real" fashion about her life-changing journey of discovering and being treated for cancer. Her experience gives hope to many that God can take life circumstances, both every-day times and hard times, to shape us in His image and become "our" Jesus. Barb approaches her sessions with a combination of sincerity and humor, providing many "laugh outlets" for her audience. I highly recommend Barb as a person with wonderful character who walks closely with the Lord. She is able to articulate her journey in a way that moves audiences to deeper commitment to the Lord.

Sherilyn L. Philips, Executive Director of University Relations George Fox University, Newberg,OR

-----Barb Boswell has a way of uniquely sharing about her life using humor and real life illustrations. Barb's down to earth style and honesty allowed women to think about how God wants to use them on a daily basis to glorify Him. Our women shared that through Barb's messages they were able to let go of some fears they have been holding on to for years. Barb's speaking topics are relevant for any women's event, be prepared to be enriched, laugh and have fun, fun, fun!

Joan Beightler, Womens Ministry Coordinator Rock Harbor Christian Fellowship Church, Morro Bay, CA


----- Barb Boswell was invited to be the main guest speaker at our annual St. John Lutheran 3-day Women's Retreat held in Cannon Beach. Immediately upon meeting Barb, we felt at ease ... she was so approachable. Our theme, "Learning to be Content", needed a speaker who portrayed and encouraged "balance" and she was the ticket. We appreciated her "one on one" and group involvement with the 50 women in attendance. She was "very real" and seemed to speak to each of us on a personal basis. She could be humorous and yet serious ... she had us laughing one minute and crying the next. Her commitment to the Lord resonated in each of the four sessions she spoke. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a diverse, inspirational and enjoyable speaker for any event you may be hosting.

Jacki Knudson, Women's Ministry St. John Lutheran Church, Vancouver, WA USA


-----Barb Boswell was a great real life speaker; we really enjoyed how she shared her stories of God working through each obstacle in her life. We felt that we could really relate with her. She was so easy to listen to and was very moving with her topics. God is defiantly working through Barb and I would highly recommend her to come and share at any event. She was also so much fun to have share in our games and meals. She is so easy going and very easy to connect with. Her messages are very inspirational.

 Ronda Barnes, Women's Ministry Director Beaverton Church of the Nazarene Beaverton, OR


----- We were privileged to have Barb Boswell as speaker at our women's retreat.. Her story is full of real-life obstacles, overcome with her deep trust in God. She provided great materials for our small group sessions, thought-provoking for each woman, no matter where she was in her spiritual walk. She talked with each woman and entered into our fun and games, and was really part of the group. Barb is a delight. I highly recommend her as speaker for your event.

 Bonnie Lapp, Women’s Ministries, Beaverton Church of the Nazarene Beaverton, OR

------"My purse pocket now carries the clear stone Barb Boswell gave us in place of our burdens we gave to God. I wish I could fit Barb in my pocket to carry around with me, as well! After reading one of her books or hearing her speak she'll make you see how everyday is a chance to learn and grow in the knowledge of God. I think if you look up the word real in the dictionary you would find a picture of Barb Boswell there. Combine that with her humor, gift of writing and love for serving God and WOW! What a package!

Shelly Shulda, Women’s Ministries Exodus Christian Fellowship (Formerly Longview Free Methodist) Longview WA.

-----Barb Boswell is inspiring, funny and truly a woman of God. I enjoyed her sessions and didn't want them to end. I've read both her books and can't wait for her to write more. We've had ladies calling our Pastor to tell him what a wonderful time they had and how much they enjoyed hearing her speak.

Lily Clark, Women’s Ministries Oakdale Baptist Church Rock Hill, SC


-----Barbara Boswell is a true survivor! When our newspaper wrote a feature article about Barbara and her journey through breast cancer I knew she would be an inspirational speaker to our local support group. Her book is a tribute to her determination AND spunky attitude that life will not get you down if God is your co-pilot. Her stories are full of coping strategies laced with humor offering encouragement to everyone that has dealt with any of life's challenges.

Ruth Melvin R.T. (M), Breast Cancer Support Group Facilitator   Columbia Regional Breast Center, Longview, WA

Barb Boswell spoke at Deep Creek United Methodist Church for their United Methodist Women's Day. Barb is a wonderful inspirational speaker. She has a way of taking everyday situations and illustrates God's ability to touch us where we are today. Barb does this through humor, Scripture and thought-provoking true stories. She opens your eyes, ears and heart to see that God is around always. I use her book as a short story study book to help me realize how important my relationship and daily walk with God is so important. She is a trusted guide and friend.

Joyce Bennett, President  Deep Creek United Methodist Women, Chesapeake, VA


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